It’s All in the Car

As ride share driver, it is important to make sure your car is a safe and comfortable place for passengers.  The general tips can be found on the sites for Lyft and Uber, but here you will find additional tips based on my personal experiences.

Aside from the general cleaning that you can access from the links above, there are additional things you can do to take the passenger experience to the next level and help you earn those tips.

  • What’s that smell? Behind each passenger, I spray a mixture od essential oils and alcohol in my car made by my daughter, Janelle. Each passenger brings with them a smell whether it is perfume, Cologne, cigarettes, or just body odor because you picked them up from the gym. The spray eliminated the odor and the end result is that when people get in my car, it smells good. At the end of the driving day, I spray my seats with my mixture and crack the windows. This prevents odors from sticking around.
  • The sound of music. Having an auxiliary cord in your vehicle allows for passengers to play their music through your speakers. If you don’t have one, you can pick up a $5 one at CVS. My previous Ford Fiesta had an aux port, however, when I upgraded to the Fusion, it did not come with a port. With technology offering other options, I can pair someone’s phone through Bluetooth.  Learn how to do this effortlessly to ensure the best possible outcome.  Remember, their music may not be to your liking, but you can tolerate it if it means you increase your chances of getting a tip or 5-star rating.
  • Spice it up. Get creative and add a conversation starter.  I have seen things from quotes pinned to the back of the seats to disco balls.  Creating an inviting and unique experience helps break the ice and gets your passengers engaged. I use Waze for my GPS and instead of using the standard voice, I use the British female voice. Aside from the Morgan Freeman voice which was wildly popular, it definitely get people’s attention. For Valentine Day, I purchased a pack of clearance cards and kept them in my glove box. As it turned out, someone forgot to pick up one on the way home and guess who was prepared with a free card they could use. I also had individually wrapped candy for all passengers to enjoy.

The passenger experience is very important in this business.  Providing an inviting and pleasant atmosphere not only helps benefit you at the end of the ride, but many times helps bring up the mood of a passenger who is having a bad day. Take the time to ensure that every passenger feels warm and fuzzy.


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