A couple of nights ago, I had to refuse a ride to a teenager.  The encounter left me feeling uneasy as I continued to run the conversation over and over in my mind.  It was late in the evening, but I knew I needed to stick to my decision.

As my evening progressed into the early morning hours, I picked up a passenger that really helped me put things into perspective.  During the 30+ minute ride she told me about her life and how she fell into drugs, fell in love with the wrong man, had issues with her parents as a teen and early adulthood. She struggles daily with self esteem issues and is medicated to help her function. She is in a better place than she was 15 years ago and seems to be in a better relationship. My hope for her is that she continues to do well and that her new life helps her heal.

After dropping her off at home, I began to reflect on the many conversations I had with passengers and it helped me put into perspective that my situation at that time was so minor compared to what so many are going through. I am thankful for the gifts of family and the ability to move forward despite the obstacles in my path.


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