Vehicle Etiquette

Got a pet? Call your driver as soon as you can to ask if it is okay to bring your pet in the car. I have hosted dogs, cats and even a Guinea pig. I don’t mind because I love animals, but not everyone feels this way. I have a friend who is deathly afraid of dogs and would freak out if someone hopped in her car without any warning. Other concerns include allergies which can send someone to the hospital. Rule of thumb, as soon as your driver is assigned, immediately call them to let them know you have a pet so they can decide if they will pick you up. If it is a problem, you can cancel the ride right away without paying the cancellation fee so long as you cancel within the time limit. If you are bringing your pet, be considerate of other passengers and don’t request shared rides as you never know who may have a problem with your pet being on the ride. The exception to this is service animals. Recent laws now require that service animals MUST be allowed in rideshare cars.

Most drivers don’t mind playing your music however keep in mind that rideshare vehicles are NOT PARTY BUSES. Please do not ask the driver to turn the music up to full blast. This is a safety and legal concern because we still need to be able to hear sirens coming. I think you would appreciate not colliding with a fire truck or ambulance or getting pulled over by the police on your way to your destination. Be mindful of your driver as their primary concern is making sure your journey is…… You know what I am going to say… a safe one.

“Would it be okay if…” If you know that your question is most likely going to met with a no because you know it is against the law or Rideshare policy, don’t ask. One of the things that people try to get away with is pouring five people into a car that only seats four. It states in the app how many can fit so don’t put your driver in the position to have to say no. If you have five people, order a larger car or request two separate cars. Please do not say, “It is only a few blocks” or “Its just around the corner,” that is most times not the case. We are only allowed to drive the number of passengers we have seat belts for. So don’t get mad at the driver because you are not the only one being inconvenienced in this situation.

Another unacceptable scenario is hopping in a car with an open container of alcohol. The simplest thing to do would be to finish the drinks and toss the cups. Any driver pulled over in a city or state with no open alcohol laws that allows open containers will be cited by the police as it is our job to make sure we are following the laws of the road. On a side note, anyone bringing a container that is closed but the seal has been broken, that container must be placed in the trunk (or boot depending on where you are from) until you reach your destination. Again, that is the law in many states so be sure you are following it and not putting you or your driver at risk.

Thousands of people smoke, I get that. When knowing you are going to request a ride, try to finish your smoking at least five minutes before getting into the car. Smoking right up to the moment and then getting right in as the remains of your cigarette burns on the ground is very unpleasant for the non-smoking drivers and other passengers. The smell lingers in the upholstery and leaves our cars smelly. There have been many nights when. The windows on my Fusion have been left cracked in order to air out the car. This is not a luxury all drivers have. For me, the smell is so strong that I. A not breathe and I have to roll down the windows. This is not always an option if it is raining outside or it is very cold out.


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