Baby on the Way: A Lyfting Story

I am often asked if I have any crazy stories about previous passengers. Although I have a couple (to share later), there is one that is funny and heartwarming.

One day in summer 2016, I pick up a young lady from a mobile clinic in Canoga Park. As she approaches, I see she is clearly pregnant. Once in the car I asked her when she was due. What sh said next I did not expect. “They just told me in the clinic that I have already started dilating and that I should head to the hospital.” Now my first though was oh crap, hope she does not break her water in my car. I said okay, and started driving. I notice that we are not headed towards the hospital just off Reseda which is where she said she needed to go. She then told me that the address she put in was to her home as she needed to go and pick up her hospital bag. Since she seemed so calm and not worried, I took her home.

On the way to her apartment, she tells me that she was not ready as she had an appointment to get her hair done the next day and nails later that day because she wanted to “look good for the delivery pictures.” I had heard about this just a couple of days before how women were wanting to make sure they looked good for the immediate after birth pictures. I park the car and she slowly walks inside. I wait, and wait. After several minutes I start to wonder if she is in distress and I half expected to hear the blaring sirens of an ambulance come flying up. Since I did not know her unit number, I was not able to just walk in to the building to see if she was okay.

So here’s the kicker, just as I was about to contact her through the app, I see her emerge with the same calm demeanor she had when she first go in the car. So why did it take her sooooo long to come back out? This chica changed clothes, did her hair AND makeup. She was truly serious about that “I want to look good for the birth.” She apologized for taking so long and with that we were finally on our way.

I got her to the hospital without incident and I wished her luck as she walked in to deliver her son. Just glad she did not end up delivering child number three in my car.


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