You Look Familiar

Living in Los Angeles, you are likely to meet a lot of actors and musicians, mostly unknown. As a ride share driver, this chance happening increases. I have met many actors both famous and not so much through projects friends in the industry who bring me in on projects. My backseat is no stranger to the struggling actor with only a couple I recognize as that actor you see all the time but don’t know their name. The story I am about to tell is based on an actual event but with names and commercial content changed.

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, I get a ride request from Brett. I roll up to a house that is clearly under construction with two high-end cars out front. The first person gets in the car after checking his vehicle and I ask if there is someone else coming as he sat behind me which is unusual when he was already on the passenger side initially. He replied that his friend Brett was on his way. Turns out John is Brett’s friend and a prankster. While we waited, John asked me to wait a couple of minutes after the ride starts and then ask Brett if he is the guy in the shaving cream commercials, “He will get a kick out of it.” I agreed.

Brett gets in the car and we start the ride. The fellas are talking about a young lady he is interested in moving from the friend column to the dating one. I chime in when warranted making sure to look into the mirror at Brett. During a lull in the conversation, I look in the mirror and say to Brett, “You look familiar. Have I seen you in a shaving cream commercial?” “Is it (product name)?”

Well, John was on point. Brett was so excited that I recognized him and declared the day would be awesome and that my recognizing him meant he had good karma for the rest of the day. He kept saying, “I can’t believe you recognize me from that commercial.” Turns out Brett is also a regular on a reality series that I don’t watch but that did not matter because he really loved that I remembered him from the shaving commercial.

While we drove on, with Brett clearly on a high from my recognition, John’s significant other calls and he recounts that “The Uber driver recognized Brett from his commercial.” Well at this point there is no going back. John now has to keep this story going and continued to milk it. I soon get them to their destination and as Brett walks away from the car thanking me, John taps on my window and thanks me for going along while handing me a tip. Now, I may have seen his commercial many times but I did not recognize him as I usually tune out when commercials come on but I hope that the gag was the highlight of his day and brought him luck with his date.


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